Residential Roofline Lighting

Inception Lighting is a permanent lighting system specifically designed to look like a subtle trim molding during the day, but at night they are a app controller color changing system. They reflect the look of C9 lights with 12" spacing and are forward facing, giving you that traditional look you are used to. Saint Patrick's day, Valentine's day, patriotic holidays. But don't stop at just holidays. Maybe game day colors to support your favorite team, or a color to support a health awarness issue, or cause. Solid warm white is an option to compliment your existing architectual accent lighting for every other day of the year. These lights are truly designed for any color, any season, any reason. The possibilities are endless. What will you celebrate?

Residential Landscape Lighting

Whether you are looking to extend your living space outside, highlight landscaping and yard décor, enhance your homes curb appeal, or improve your safety and security; we have the package for you! 

App Based Control

Color changing events are custom scheduled on the App from any iOS or Android compatible smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth mesh technology links multiple controllers for nearly unlimited lighting in an area.


Bright and bold lights will reinforce your brand identity, advertise promotions and maintain unquestioned visibility for your business or commercial property. Inception Lighting is an excellent way to communicate to the masses. The idea of "any color, any season, any reason" turns traditional marketing on its head. A special color for happy hour? Sure! A color for freshly made hot donuts or cookies? Indeed. Or simply the fact that your place of business is open and ready for customers...your message will be seen.

Bring your business out of the dark ages with Inception Lighting's permanent RGB Solution.

Inception Lighting is designed for businesses in mind. The uniquely scalable system's app allows delegation to a user or a group of user's devices to control and schedule the lights. Permissions can be assigned or reassigned at any time. Have multiple locations, or the need to remotely con-trol the lights and remote scheduling? That is an option with the additional Gateway. Gateways can be hardwired into the network, or if you are a location where security is a concern, there is a Cellular version to keep lighting control off your network entirely.